Lumify Eye Drops VS Visine

Lumify Eye Drops VS Visine
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When I wake up in the morning, my eyes are tired and red. They’ve been like that since high school. Not sure when I started using Visine, but I can’t remember the last time I didn’t. However, because of the great marketing on behalf of Lumify Eye Drops, I decided to try these out. I put a drop in each eye in the morning and realized right away that my entire eye area looked super white and bright. Wow. Okay, this is good stuff.. the day went on and I noticed that not only were my eyes not tired like they usually are after 4 hours in front of the computer working… but they were still bright and white. I got home 10 hours after I first put the drops in, and they were still bright and white and they didn’t seem to hurt as much as they do normally. Maybe it was all in my head, so the next day, I follow suit. Same results. Yes, these Lumify Eye Drops are $15 (bought at CVS) compared to the $5 – $6 that you pay for Visine, but not only do they last all day, they actually helped my eyes through sitting all day in front of the computer working. I’m hooked. I love these!

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