About Me

Hi Friends, I’m Trista.

I work full time in the Corporate IT world..A little over 8 years ago, I found a home based business that I was interested in and decided to ‘sign up’ and give it a try.  Because I’m not the typical fashionista and at times would rather be at my computer than out shopping, I thought it was an opportunity to make money online, in addition to my full time gig. I’m no home party type of gal and I’m sure that there are lots of customers out there that would rather buy online than be in my living room on a Saturday afternoon.  I have never sold anything in my life before starting my little business, so imagine my husband’s surprise.

I hired a small time website design company to build my first website. Nice People. However, because I’m picky and imagined my website a little more fresh and a lot less tacky and dated, I knew that I’d have to do this myself. Not to mention, every little change I needed done, I was of course charged by the hour. For a picky person that enjoys fresh new designs often, that doesn’t quite work out well.

So… I read books. 8 years ago, there was not as much information readily available for building your own wordpress site, like there is today. (You newcomers have it easy). I tried, I deleted… I tried again and was very frustrated and didn’t have much help.

I got it working… all on my own and I was on my way. So I thought.  Okay, I have a website now what? How do I get people to go see it. Ah – Email .. wait.. how do I get people to sign up if they aren’t getting to my site. Ah – Social Media… and then the story really begins. Now, because of all the hard work.. I get about 40k hits to my website (not this one…yet) a month. I am one of the top sellers in my little home based business, having sold over $550k as of April 2017.  It was hard work. I don’t wish it on anyone.

I’m not here to sell my services to do the work for you. I’m here to offer my services in order to help you learn to do it yourself. The truth is.. you’ll need to know going forward. Because SEO is not cheap. It’s very expensive to have someone do it every month. Don’t pay for someone else to do it when it’s YOUR business. Don’t waste money on having it done for you when that money is better invested in marketing to get visitors to your site while you’re working up through the ranks.





  • I’m a mom of two beautiful daughters, a wife to a very supportive husband
  • I’m an animal lover
  • I should’ve been in marketing. I love finding new ways to market my business. I love to write, although I don’t have the time. I also love to read, however, I can’t find the time for that either.
  • I’m up at 5 am and home at 6:30pm. I’m always looking for that extra hour.
  • I like to learn from others, yet I can teach myself.
  • I’m always looking for the newest gadget, app, software, program that will save me time.